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 16th Nov

          @ 11 am

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As an Independent Midwife and NCT antenatal teacher working in the Clapham

area for more than a decade I have built up

a reliable network of colleagues that I can recommend to women. It is so helpful to be able to offer personal recommendations and that is what Pure Pregnancy is all about.

A network who can knowingly recommend and support each other

and at it’s heart is kindness and respect to parents

Meet the founders of Pure Pregnancy:

Julie Morris

Baby Intuition

Tina Perridge 



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The launch of Pure Pregnancy:

PP_Headshot_Kate Wilson

I run Hello Mums babysitter service and have worked with parents and children all my life. I believe that being able to work together with other like minded businesses we can create a supportive community

Kate Wilson

Hello Mums

Via my NCT background I began to realise that women did not necessarily know the options available to them regarding caring for themselves during pregnancy, childbirth and early weeks of parenthood.  I have gathered a huge back catalogue of contacts and I wanted to share that knowledge with new parents.